Things To Tell Every Customer

Things To Tell Every Customer

Tuesday, September 06, 2016


Posted WCR written by Aaron Weiche


  1. Establish Trust with clients first
    30 May, 2017
    Establish Trust with clients first
    Earning trust is the ultimate goal of content marketing. And it's not easy. Start by listening to your customers and asking them questions. Discover their problems and supply the solutions they need. Make sure that the content you create is something customers can believe and offers guidance and advice in a meaningful way. this type of information will build trust in your company as a solution provider and eventually lead to the sale
  2. What is content marketing
    01 May, 2017
    What is content marketing
    It's the art of understanding exactly what your customers need to know and the science of delivering it to them in a useful, compelling way. It's engaging content created by great writers who use testing techniques to lift conversations and keep readers coming back for more.
    13 Mar, 2017
    Many small businesses across the country report continuing to receive calls from telemarketers claiming to be Google. Although this scam is several years old (it began in earnest in 2011 around the time that Google Local was really taking off), it obviously has yet to run its course. These calls are automated, meaning when you pick up the phone you’ll hear a recorded message asking you to press a button to speak with a representative. While the “representatives” claim an association with Google,
  4. 3 Easy steps to get more internet traffic
    10 Apr, 2016
    3 Easy steps to get more internet traffic
    1. Write articles and submit them to multiple article directories. My favorite place is ezine articles. 2. Use classified ad sites such as craigslist to drive free traffic. This method works well with certain niches. 3. Practice some search engine optimization stuff!!! This is what makes the big boys money, thousands of free visitors and our favourite method for traffic generation
  5. Six Great Tips for an Excellent Blog
    12 Aug, 2015
    Six Great Tips for an Excellent Blog
    Many website owners have learned that keeping content fresh keeps visitors returning, a Blog therefore is one of our greatest marketing assets. Giving your visitors good content every day or every week can be very difficult, the tips below will help you write content and say the right sort of things. Some sound advice on successful blogging  Tips for maintaining a great blog  When writing consider the Blog’s objective. Perhaps you have started a Blog as a news tool to inform visitors about
  6. Why Your Titles Should Be No Longer Than This
    05 Aug, 2015
    Why Your Titles Should Be No Longer Than This
    When you're writing your next post, consider this: 80% of people will read your blog headline, but only 20% will stay for the rest.   So, if headlines are 400% more important than what comes after them (where there’s already ever-increasing competition to attract eyes), you need to be more concise than ever to get attention. The Importance of Title Length A guide on the right length for your post titles If you want to keep your followers’ attention while conveying your brilliant wordplay, keep
  7. Welcome to Our Blog Feature, Here's How to Use It
    29 Jul, 2015
    Welcome to Our Blog Feature, Here's How to Use It
    The word "blog" is short for Web Log. It is basically a series of posts in reverse chronological order posted by a website owner. A Blog can be treated like a diary, a news feed, a place for ‘how-to’ articles or simple thoughts and discussions. Getting to know the Blog feature Take the first steps towards writing your own professional blog It’s likely you will use it to communicate with your website visitors about your website topic. You may wish to tell visitors about your day-to-day life or
  8. To Blog or Not to Blog? Blog. Of Course We’d Say That.
    22 Jul, 2015
    To Blog or Not to Blog? Blog. Of Course We’d Say That.
    Sure, blogs need a fair amount of work, but they boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay dividends in the long run. And if you’re not sure what to write, check out Elance or for affordable alternatives. A well maintained blog is a very useful tool How can a blog help your website become more visible? Why? The short answer: blogs strengthen your website’s visibility. Blogs are business opportunities that help you: Command attention from your customers. Use Hootsuite or