Wise Intermedia On the The Record

Wise Intermedia. Trusted contributor to an article on using Facebook for Internet Marketing.

New Facebook advertising tool is next step in digital marketing

Wise Intermedia/WebClientReach was interviewed by Mary Deduch Staff writter at the New Jersey Record. 
Research firm eMarketer said Thursday it expects Google to generate $2.31 billion in revenue from online display ads in the United States, surpassing Facebook in display advertising revenue this year, with a 15.4 percent share of the U.S. market, while Facebook may hold 14.4 percent with $2.16 billion. EMarketer also predicts display advertising to will increase 21.5 percent this year to $15 billion in the U.S. Initial trials have shown that advertisers’ return on investment is higher than average when using Facebook Exchange over similar platforms, as is the likelihood that consumers end up purchasing a product, Sinnreich said. Darren Magarro, president and chief executive officer of Franklin Lakes marketing firm The DSM Group, thinks said Facebook Exchange could level the playing field for smaller companies to advertise against larger companies, because they, too, will also have more access to consumer behavior data. DSM often uses its own company, which has six to eight employees and around 30 clients, to test new technologies, so it is likely DSM will try Facebook Exchange with their brand before with clients before using it with clients, Magarro said. “It’s definitely something we will be looking into more, because we can get to a very granular level in terms of finding a highly targeted audience,” Magarro said. Patti said she thinks larger companies will jump on the Facebook platform first, as smaller businesses tend to wait longer to see how new tools could affect their budgets and marketing plans. Patti said she also expects her clients to be more interested in trying Facebook advertising. On the creative end, it will force the firm to make more dynamic and creative ads that have fine-tuned messages for clients.

Raphael Avalo, co-owner of Ridgewood-based Internet marketing company Wise Intermedia, said Facebook is growing in importance as a part of digital marketing. 
“Social media pretty much equals leads for our clients,” Avalo said.