Commercial grade website design & development

Creating a new website for your business?
Should you invest your time or your money?

When deciding which website creation platform to use and to what degree you want control over the look and feel of the site, you need to balance your time investment and your capital investment. The owner of a brand strategy website summed it up as, “The reality is you are going to have to pay for your site, either with money or sweat equity.”

A small business marketing expert agreed adding, “If you are a small business owner with an in-depth knowledge in your specific product or service, why would you even want to get involved in designing and coding your own website? While you could probably do your own taxes, chances are you don't -- you hire an accountant to do them for you. Same goes for a website -- hire someone who ‘gets’ what you do, who understands small businesses and who isn't going to charge you the earth to get it done.” Your website is an investment in your business so be sure to consider how much control you want over its look and feel -- especially for an e-commerce site as it will be the main touch point for your customers -- and weigh it against your budget and time constraints.

Think about this as well!

As a small business owner, are you really going to trust your business to a low grade do it  yourself  website builder software? Do you think successful competitors in your industry are using them? We can assure you they are not.  Most website builder software are decidedly limited by design, lacking many of the features you would find in a more robust content management system. However, that’s the trade-off you get with using a free, user-friendly tool that also comes with free hosting. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s arguably better than having no website at all. Your business will do better with a professional website, and you can believe potential clients will notice. Our web developers will design a website that's customized for your particular business, and optimized for high searchability. Your new website will be mobile friendly, will look great and it will represent your brand & your business well.

Hire a web designer!

We will do a complete website analysis and provide you with a road map that will help your business  improve web presence, generate more internet traffic  via search, social media, youtube, mobile devices & improve your brand.